Outcome photoshoot

As part of our brand outcomes, we were allocated a studio slot to art direct our own photo shoots. The photo shoot images will be used as our print outcome in order to advertise, market and promote our brand. The notion behind our photos was to create images that express nature triggering past life memories and uplifting your mind. We photographed our models surrounded by flowers and nature, who represent the younger version of our consumer, feeling nostalgic about their past life memories. One model represents Punk, one Hippie and one who felt unrelated to a prominent subculture so that we encompassed both those who were and were not part of a subculture. From our primary research, we learnt that our consumer was part of or at least lived through a prominent subculture movement, which is a significant element of their lives within their memories.

Some of the post-production has been inspired by how Punk and Hippie graphic design would have looked like at the time, to intensify the sense of nostalgia when our consumer looks at the images and feels immersed by them.

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The Punk text and typography reflects Punk mindset but is also relevant to our brand story. These two photos show the development of the editing process.

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 18.30.29 sss

The Hippie model and imagery are overlayed to symbolise how immersed and captured he is by his memories and how he is reliving them in his head and body.










Group shot of all three models merged together.




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