The more that I explore the elements of fashion communication and promotion, the more I realise my interest in digital art and moving imagery. In one of my recent seminars we learnt how to make our own gifs on Photoshop. I really enjoy the seminars where we get taught software skills because I always learn something new and feel how creative I can be. The first gif that I made didn’t work very well. I tried to capture the sequence of blowing a dandelion and all of the white fluffy and fuzzy part parachuting into the air. The images I had weren’t good quality and I didn’t feel like I was using a creative idea and unusual sequence of images. I tried a second one and used some of the imagery that was provided by the lecturers. I took one that has a really unique pattern and I was probably drawn to it because it reminds me so much of Bridget Riley. I also took some imagery of people and cut out a figure which looked like they were moving and positioned in an asymmetrical pose. I noticed how the background pattern looked like a black hole and as if it was spiraling into the distance, which reminded me slightly of Alice in Wonderland falling down the rabbit hole. I played around positioning the figure trying to make her look like she was being sucked in by the force of the patterned swirls.

Once you get to learn the basics, you can start to add in colour and substitute colours for present colours. I’m going to try to learn how to Photoshop different colours and try to make this gif even more surreal by altering more visuals.


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