Fashion muse – Marisa Berenson

Seeing as I am a fashion student, I want to improve my knowledge of the history of fashion. Obviously, as a fashion student, I have a profound interest in fashion, but I also have a deep interest in history too, whatever the form it may be. I studied both history and history of art at A-Level so I am always intrigued when it comes to merging two of my favourite subjects together. In a recent lecture, I was confronted with a powerful presentation of important icons and creative influences from previous decades. I was particularly stricken by Marisa Berenson so I wanted to expand my knowledge about her work and her life. I think I was caught by Berenson due to her Bohemian style in most of these photos and simply just her beauty jumped out to me. I have quite a particular line between someone who is pretty and someone who is stand out stunning. If I looked like her and dressed like her I’d be pretty content with myself. I also found I was inspired by her life guided by the mysticism and spirituality of India. India is a place among other Asian countries that I would love to visit and experience the way of life.

Marisa was born into a world and family of style. Her grandmother was Elsa Schiaparelli, the Italian-born designer who transformed the fashion landscape with her Surrealist designs. Once she was scouted, she transformed from a shy and self-conscious teenager into one of the most successful models of her age. I like how in her photos, her inner self is still visible and you can still sense her timid and modest nature. I found these responses provocative and in some way relatable.

What has acting taught you about yourself?
I used to be very shy. I still am to an extent. Acting helps you connect, be whatever you choose to be – forget about yourself.

I have read you quoted as saying that you love elegance in fashion.
I must tell you that elegance is not about buying a very expensive dress or suit. It is not about spending money. Anybody can be elegant. It starts in the spirit: it is a certain grace, an elegance of the heart. That is important. It is an indefinable quality. It is in the way someone walks, talks and carries themselves – in life too.


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