I have a remarkably deep love for the Barbican in London (as you can probably tell from the last few posts). I have been trying to find events that are on that I feel connected to and naturally intrigued by. I have a particular passion for film and moving imagery and imagery in motion because they make me feel curious and absorbed, so these cinema events by New East Cinema attract me.

Night Accident is a minimalist and poetic piece of slow cinema about an old man who finds love and purpose to live in a moment of complete despair. The film is lavish in observations and metaphors and is particularly immersing. The film examines themes of loneliness and alienation and is a delightful and graceful picture of two lonely hearts.

All These Sleepless Nights is a documentary and “constructed reality” which delves into the vibrancy of modern-day Warsaw, a city in a state of flux suspended between its traumatic past and a future powered by a new generation bursting with energy. The film effortlessly captures the energy, freedom and relaxed nature of youth.

I feel even more so interested by these films due to their ability to be easily realistic events in everyday life and could be genuine and real reflections of real people.

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