Recently I was really lucky to be offered a few days’ work experience, working for the Head of Fashion at Stylus. Stylus are a company that analyses how consumer lifestyle trends impact product design and across industries. So they watch what the public are doing, what their influences are, and then predict what they’ll be interested in. That way, companies have a better chance of their products being popular if they’ve been developed with some of this research.

The fashion department were analysing sportswear as part of high-street fashion, so I helped out with this research and helped put mood boards together. I also attended a meeting with ASOS executives, talking about what brands would be popular on ASOS going forward and why, and how to position those brands.

It was a really fascinating few days with lots of very clever people, showing me just how much goes on behind the scenes in fashion that the general public have no idea about. Also, it was eye-opening to see how many different really interesting careers there are in fashion that initially you wouldn’t expect.