With my birthday money, I purchased a new coat for the upcoming winter. I knew I wanted a boyfriend style coat and one that is totally different from any other coat I’d seen before. When I walked past this lilac coat on the rails in Topshop, I’ll admit, I tried it on for a bit of a laugh. But when I looked in the mirror I kinda fell in love with it. I absolutely adore the colour anyway, and the fact I had found my dream coat in my favourite colour made me 100% sure I had to buy it. It’s so cosy, I love the wool-ly look about it, and the silk inner layer. I also love the casual pockets that are the perfect size to have my phone in and for it not to fall out.

Here, I am pictured next to one of my best friends in her recently purchased boyfriend/blazer styled coat. Hers is from Zara. The colour completely suits her as well as the style.

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❈ ❉ Dream catcher ❊ ❋

This beauty arrived this week from a very specially talented lady who creates these wonders from purely recycled vintage materials. Each of her pieces are unique and amaze me in different ways. I fell in love with one similar to mine and emailed her asking for a similar design. It has traveled from Australia  and now hangs stunningly over my dressing table. I love the floral and lace that hangs so delicately but what I love the most is the mandala-like crochet that completes one of my favourite pieces of decor.

If you are interested in purchasing one of your own, then contact the lovely Hayley via email or shop on her etsy  site. For more details see her instagram rainbowdreamtim

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Ibiza purchases

This year I was really determined to come home with a stunning  piece of boho jewellery with the money I had been saving all year.

My first purchase was a turquoise and coral coloured necklace. I love it because it’s so different to anything you’d find in pretty much any place in London as well as being the perfect size for wearing around in a completely different culture. I am obsessed with the little details and the touches of coral around the golden squares with turquoise in:

photo (1)photo 1 (6)

We spent a lot of our time with great family friends, and my mums friend very kindly bought me and my sister a  little Mexican wooden cat each. She told us she used her one to stack up her rings on the tail, so that’s what I shall use mine for 😀

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I found this bag at the Es canar hippie market. I had been searching for an Indian styled hippie bag ever since I arrived and when I spotted this I knew I wasn’t letting it out of my hands. It is very difficult to decide whether you are going to buy a bag or not, but I felt this particular one was for me. I love the colour lilac and this was the only purple one I had seen. At thirty Euros, it was a bargain.

IMG_2509 (1)


Having recently had my cartilage pierced, I was very happy to have seen this gold hoop with a slightly different appearance to it. Its detail is subtle but I love that it is completely unlike any gold hoop I would have ever bought in London.

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➳Ibiza hippie markets❁ ❃

I have just arrived home after  two weeks of relaxation in Ibiza. It was as amazing as it always is. My favourite activity apart from spending 7-8 hours sunbathing on a beach each day (if that even is an activity) is shopping in the hippie markets. Las dalias and Es canar are the best to go to, where you are more likely to find a wider range of the most amazing accessories/clothing/housing decoration and more… Here are a few snaps of my ventures to the markets:

photo 4 (4)photo 1 (5)


A classic stall selling traditional Ibithan clothing, bags and charms

  photo 3 (4)photo 3 (4)photo 5 (3)


Classic hippie bags, with incredible embroidery and colours. The unique detail in the embroidery of any bag on the island is what determines the bag and tells you that it’s its own. When you are deciding if you should buy the bag, the first thing the seller says to you apart from ”this bag is really beautiful” is that there is no other copy of this bag in the whole entire world. That is what encouraged me to buy my bag.

photo 1 (5) photo 4 (4)photo 3 (4)photo 2 (4)photo 3 (4)photo 4 (4)

Simple but very pretty anklets and hand jewellery:

photo 4 (2)

Stunning throws with beautiful designs and colours. Most are mandalas. Their formality is amazing and so clever. They feel very musical to me because they are so complicated but so calming and mad because of their outstanding colours. Maybe that’s just because I’m listening to Crystal Fighters as I am writing this aha. I purchased a lovely burgundy one last year which is spread across my bed. It is by far one of the best things I have ever bought 😀

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Pretty pom-pom dresses

photo 2 (4)

More pom-poms 😀

photo 3 (5)

A cute little shop in the town of Santa Gertrudis with a natural life saying

photo 5 (3)


A very popular stall where you could have feather extensions. I had two put in both sides of my head, both brown coloured to blend well with my hair.

photo 3 (4) photo 2 (4)

My sister had a henna tattoo…


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☯♥vintage shopping❁❃

Shopping is one of my favourite hobbies, but it’s not as enjoyable when you can’t spend all you want. When you can get anything you lay your eyes on for £1, why not go a bit mad?

East London is one of the best places I like to shop for anything out of the ordinary. Yesterday morning, two friends and I made our way over to a vintage sale where nothing was more expensive than £1. It was the perfect shopping experience that is nothing like anything in south-west London, especially during revision for our science GCSE!

The first thing I found whilst rummaging through the heavy rails of clothing was a pretty blue/purple jumper with the typical winter Aztec pattern. It jumped out to me whilst hanging next to a few white and creamy coloured  knits.

photo 1 (4)


I just love these pairs of trousers. They are nothing like anything I have and are perfect for a lazy day at home or an outfit on the beach.

photo 2 (3) photo 3 (3)