Monday muse…..♡

We all have those people  that we look at and think ‘oh God, wow’ and today for me I think I shall dedicate this post to Sienna Miller. Her natural beauty combined with her sheer style completes an outstanding look that always provokes envy in me.

I think what makes her so popular with her followers is that you don’t necessarily see photographs of her dressed in designer. Her casual effort with every-day fashion is what shines and says it all. Effortlessly remarkable at any fashion event, Sienna leaves trails of inspiration and admiration.

Telling Vogue that she had a laid-back approach to grooming including cutting her own hair, Sienna was also described as ”a professional free spirit who, annoyingly, seems to have more fun than anyone else”. Another description was of Sienna having ‘real chic’ and handling fame with a dose of reality.

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