Despite the terrible quality of these pictures, I was unexpectedly however positvely surprised by the turn out of my lace mask, considering it was my first attempt. It was very popular amongst people at the party I attended. I coated it with silver glitter, to match the Chanel eye makeup I went for. I will definitely use this technique in the future.

For the steps to create your own lace mask, take a look at my last post.

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✬ ✭ ✮ ✯ ✰ ★ Lace mask ✶ ✷ ✸ ✹ ✺

Another technique I am dying to try out is the lace mask. If you are going for a more delicate or subdued look then this costume is perfect. It’s an alternative way of expressing individuality and creativity. All you need is a piece of lace and eye-shadow. A perfect piece of lace would be with an open pattern to allow the design to be as defined and bold as possible however still delicate and detailed. Apply your foundation as normal. Then, use setting powder over the areas you want your lace to be to make-sure your lace mask stays perfect throughout the whole night. After putting the lace into place, use a brush to start spreading the eye shadow over the lace. Apply glitter over the design with a powder brush carefully. Continue with any other eye/lip makeup.


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☠ ♥ ✖ ☢ ☣ ☤ ❤ Happy Halloween ★ ☆ ✮ ✯ ☪

The older you get, you either love dressing up for Halloween even more than you did as a child or much less than you did as a child. For me, I’m kind of somewhere in the middle. I no longer want to dress up as a witch with an ugly nose, a cat to follow me around and with a long black wig itching my head to pieces, a deadly angel staring out of the window at terrified little kids or a zombie with flappy skin and blood trickling down the majority of my face (these were my favourite dress-ups I ever pulled off for Halloween). So for those of you who want to make the effort but don’t fancy dressing up to look like you’ve just woken from the dead then, like me, why not take the opportunity to try and advance your make-up skills? I already love glitter and how beautiful it is when applied as makeup. It’s something that I’ll buy loads of for music festivals I am yet to go to and all sorts of adventures life has yet to bring me. Halloween is all about expressing your creative side, even if you avoid the traditional horror character. I don’t think there’s a better way of expressing yourself than covering half your face in glitter! Glitter has been incorporated into many high fashion brands this year including trending on Chanel’s runway as it blended into one of the fashion statements of the year – the cat eye. Going as a cat for Halloween is a very popular option, so change your look up a bit by adding glitter under your eye.

Different colours compliment different eye and skin tones. If you have blue or green eyes, then try out silver, gold, turquoise and pinky/purple glitter. If you have darker eyes, then gold, red and bronze will definitely bring out your eyes.

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Topshop sell all sorts of glitter and eye makeup products. Take a look at their eye makeup section.Glitter Pot in Space CowboyGlitter Pot in IrodiumGlitter Pot in HeroEye Gleam in NoirAtlantis Eye PaletteChubby Liner In Bambi



Shimmery spectacular eyes…♡

I don’t think there is any other make-up accessory for your eyes more perfect than glitter (other than mascara of course). Shimmery and spectacular eyes express the perfect amount of chic and there is no better way to have fun with make-up than glitter. For a magical and mystical effect, expressing yourself with sparkly eyes is all you have to do. We have even seen it being incorporated into the runways this year, don’t get held back from letting your creativity run wild for an enthralling and dazzling result.

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