Space Ibiza

Space Ibiza

This year in Ibiza, I got to do some clubbing. My friend Tash came out with us for a week, and we saw three very different styles of Ibiza nightlife. At one end, we went to Pikes, or as it’s known now, Ibiza Rocks House. This place started as a hotel and became a legendary destination for rock stars. The song Club Tropicana had its video filmed here, and lots of musicians stay. The main party room is very small, but the whole place is fascinating. We came to see DJ Harvey who I’d seen before. Continue reading

➳Ibiza hippie markets❁ ❃

I have just arrived home after  two weeks of relaxation in Ibiza. It was as amazing as it always is. My favourite activity apart from spending 7-8 hours sunbathing on a beach each day (if that even is an activity) is shopping in the hippie markets. Las dalias and Es canar are the best to go to, where you are more likely to find a wider range of the most amazing accessories/clothing/housing decoration and more… Here are a few snaps of my ventures to the markets:

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A classic stall selling traditional Ibithan clothing, bags and charms

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Classic hippie bags, with incredible embroidery and colours. The unique detail in the embroidery of any bag on the island is what determines the bag and tells you that it’s its own. When you are deciding if you should buy the bag, the first thing the seller says to you apart from ”this bag is really beautiful” is that there is no other copy of this bag in the whole entire world. That is what encouraged me to buy my bag.

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Simple but very pretty anklets and hand jewellery:

photo 4 (2)

Stunning throws with beautiful designs and colours. Most are mandalas. Their formality is amazing and so clever. They feel very musical to me because they are so complicated but so calming and mad because of their outstanding colours. Maybe that’s just because I’m listening to Crystal Fighters as I am writing this aha. I purchased a lovely burgundy one last year which is spread across my bed. It is by far one of the best things I have ever bought 😀

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Pretty pom-pom dresses

photo 2 (4)

More pom-poms 😀

photo 3 (5)

A cute little shop in the town of Santa Gertrudis with a natural life saying

photo 5 (3)


A very popular stall where you could have feather extensions. I had two put in both sides of my head, both brown coloured to blend well with my hair.

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My sister had a henna tattoo…


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