Denim desire… ♡

Rocking the retro look is already a top trend that has gone crazy this year, but why not ‘funk’ it up a bit more? Boyfriend/mom jeans and chopped Levi’s shorts have been very popular as part of this vintage/edgy look as well as over-sized denim jackets. Distressed jeans have rolled up too but why not re-introduce those ‘larger than life’ statement pieces of clothing like never before…

Dungarees and a cute denim skirt turn eyes like lightening bolts, why not have a time travel back to the 80s? A cool casual and effortless look is the least you receive from rockin’ what was and is again THE thing to wear. ‘old is the new new’. I am searching for the perfect dungaree dress…!

Do your hair differently to go with it, perhaps scruffing it up a bit, giving a slightly new colour, add some accessories to it (maybe some boho feathers) or plait it. Always experiment and try new looks.. one thing I do a lot.

Jewellery is always a great way to emphasize any outfit. Pretty much any piece goes with anything, as long as the colour is right, and it’s not too overwhelming. It usually completes the look 🙂

Why not mix up the decades? Chuck on a leather Jacket with those urban vintage jeans… maybe a cool pair of Doc Martins too? Or add in a crochet item!

I would shop at Urban Renewal at Urban Outfitters for that signature piece. I would definitely catch a train to Brick Lane in east London… one of my favourite places to shop – so edgy and unique. Perfect for summer clothing too. The artwork on the sides of building blocks is fantastic and the food is delicious…..! Or you could catch another train to Camden town or Portobello.