Bridget Riley

Bridget Riley is one of the artists that I constantly feel inspired by with all of my work. I took inspiration from her for lots of my fashion and textiles a-level. I specifically love the bold contrast minimal colours that contribute to the optical illusions, created by simple geometric shapes and arrangements.

In 1956 Riley saw an exhibition in London that hugely impacted her direction and influenced her. The exhibition was of American Abstract Expressionist painters and was the first exhibition of its kind in the UK. The show featured American abstract expressionist Jackson Pollock. While she was still finding herself as an artist, she spent two years studying Neo-impressionist painters and pointillism. Her first Op Art paintings were only in black and white and were constructed with simple geometric shapes. Her art wasn’t based on theory but guided by what she saw with her own eyes.

I find the shapes and designs fascinating to look at and I could stare at them for hours (maybe not hours because the illusions would probably give me a headache). Even though I love the simpler designs, I am more pulled by the complex designs. I find it greatly stimulating and astonishing how you can take an assemblage of simple and basic geometric shapes, lines and circles and construct them together in a very complex and strategic formation.

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Nataraja 1993 Bridget Riley born 1931 Purchased 1994




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